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Your guide to after-dinner drinks

An after-dinner drink is the ideal way to finish a meal with us at The Inn at Huxley. After-dinner drinks are an age-old tradition, and were once believed to aid the digestive process. Also known as a ‘snifter’, we believe they’re the ideal way to sample something sumptuously decadent to round off your dining experience with us. But which after-dinner drink is right for you? Here’s your guide to the most popular after-dinner drinks and what we can offer you at our Inn – from delectable sweet wines to exotic cocktails, there’s something for all tastes. 


We offer a range of classic liquors – from County Cavan to the Amalfi Coast, for an elegant ending to your dining experience. We believe there is a liquor to suit everyone – from the almond flavour of Disaronno to the chocolatey flavours of Mozart Gold (ideal for chocolate lovers). Looking for something a little more bitter? There’s zesty Tosolini Limoncello from Sorrento. We wouldn’t recommend opting for liquors that are particularly fruity for a post-dinner tipple, such as a Midori – the melon flavour is more appropriate for a beachside party than a evening meal. For those looking for something more refined, we also offer a variety of whiskeys – from small batch Bourbon, to single malt and premium Japanese blends.  

Dessert wines

Generally speaking, a dessert wine is much sweeter than normal wine, and is intended to provide a luxuriously decadent treat to the drinker. Dessert wines are much heavier than lighter, more savoury wines that you have during a meal, and are designed to close your palate (while a savoury wine such as white or red opens your palate during eating). Because of their rich and highly sweet nature, dessert wines are typically sold in half-bottle sizes, reflecting the way they are designed to be consumed. You sip dessert wine – never take a large swig or gulp it down! We offer supreme dessert wines that deliver as much freshness as sweetness. From bouncy, fruity wines from the northern regions of Italy, to Canadian dessert wine from the Niagara region, we source only the finest wines to complement your meal. Our Inniskillin Riesling Icewine is well worth a try – an abundance of aromatic and fruity notes of peach, pear, and lime, with sweet notes of honey, apricot and zesty mango, all balanced with a crisp acidity.


Port comes from the Douro Valley in northern Portugal, and is a very popular after-winner wine. A good port is aged for a long time (often decades). Although, the older the port, the more expensive and rare it is. Tawny port is aged in barrels and has notes of dried fruit and nuts. Other ports have nutty or citrus notes, depending on how they are stored and aged. If you are a newbie to after-dinner wines, port is a great place to start. It is common to see three different types of port on a restaurant menu – ruby, tawny and LBV. Ours is no different. A Tawny port is aged in a wooden barrel and often has a nutty flavour. Ruby ports are aged in metal barrels (often steel), making them more fruity in flavour. An LBV (meaning ‘Late Bottled Vintage’ port is a more premium tipple and contains grapes that have been aged for at least four years. As a result, this type of port is more expensive in comparison. We offer a Sandemans Unfiltered LBV, as well as ports that are 10, 20, 30 and 40 years old.    


Made in Spain, sherry is another common after-dinner drink, and is popular because of its sweet, well-rounded flavour. Sherry is made from white Palomino grapes, giving it a sweet, fruity flavour. After the fermentation process in making sherry, grape liquor is added, resulting in a drier drink. In contrast to port, sherry is much drier and more tangy in flavour. Sherry is great when paired with fruity and nutty desserts. Cream sherry has no cream in it, but can have a smoother taste. Try our Spanish sherries from Jerez – Valdespino Fino Inocente, and Valdespino Manzanilla.

After-dinner cocktails

A popular after-dinner drink is the cocktail, as it is a very versatile tipple that can perfectly follow any meal. Here’s a useful guide to some of the most popular after-dinner cocktails, all of which you can request from us:

Espresso Martini

This is a cocktail and a coffee rolled into one. Served with one part coffee, one part coffee liquor and two parts vodka over ice, it’s a perfect pick-me-up, strained into a Martini glass.

Irish Coffee

Warm the cockles with an Irish coffee made with coffee, whiskey, cream and brown sugar. 


Related to a Mimosa, the Bellini blends peach puree with fizzy Prosecco for a summery twist on after-dinner drinking.


White rum, sugar, lime juice, soda and a spring of fresh mint combine to make this uplifting and zesty cocktail a popular hit. 

Huxley Signature Sazerac

Equal measures of spicy Rye & Baron Signonac’s decadent VSOP Armagnac are stirred down with ‘Peychaud’s Bitters’ then poured over ice by the guest.

Pear & Ristretto Negroski

A delectable digestif served in a brass cafetière and infused with single origin coffee beans. ‘Grey Goose Poire’ gives notes of pear to a rich and silky texture. Martini’s premium vermouth, ‘Rubino’ marries the flavours effortlessly. A warm, fuzzy feeling to finish served over ice.


Like port, brandy gets better the longer you age it. Best served at room temperature, brandy is a fiery, punchy after-dinner treat that stimulates the senses and closes the palate. Depending on how they are aged, different brandies have different flavours – from fruity, to floral and spicy. We serve a range of Cognac, Armagnac and Calvados brandies.

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