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Why we believe in using local produce

At The Inn at Huxley, we pride ourselves on serving local, delicious seasonal cuisine that is sourced close to our premises and benefits the environment. We are aware that diners are becoming more conscious of health and environmental issues, and we take care in noting where our ingredients come from on our menu. Our farm-to-table ethos is reflected in our ingredients – carefully sourced from regional and local suppliers, and also our own vegetable patch in our garden.

What is ‘local’ produce?

The loose definition of ‘local produce’ is food that has been grown within 100 miles of where it is used and consumed. Buying local means different things to different people – some believe that 100 miles is too far to be classified as local. At The Inn at Huxley, we try to source our ingredients from quality farmer’s markets and suppliers that are as close to our restaurant as possible. This is why we also grow lots of our fruits and vegetables in our own garden. In sourcing local produce, we believe our customers have a closer connection to the food on their plates, and have more knowledge of exactly what they are eating and what is going into their bodies. As a restaurant, sourcing locally also means that we can offer seasonal produce and a greater variety of ingredients on our forever-evolving menu.   

Better for your health

Local produce often retains more nutrients, as the food is allowed to naturally ripen over a longer period of time. Food that is sourced hundreds of miles away is picked too early (and often far too soon before it turns ripe). Some fruits and vegetables that are picked long distances away are artificially ripened. Local produce that ripens naturally therefore has much more flavour, and could in turn be far better for your health. Food sourced from local suppliers may also contain fewer pesticides and artificial preservatives, which is especially important for health reasons and especially the health of young children and pregnant women. 

Better for the environment

With more awareness of climate change and the impact that food has upon the planet and greenhouse gas emissions, we support sourcing local produce because it lowers our carbon footprint and makes our restaurant a greener place to dine. By eating more locally-sourced food, our diners are also helping us to reduce CO2 emissions, by reducing the miles our ingredients have travelled to get to our premises. Local food also helps us preserve the environment, as local farmers are more likely to stay in business and not sell their land to building and home developers, which means that we can all enjoy the unspoiled land and countryside.

Supporting local farmers and the community economy

We are passionate about supporting our local community and producers that help us create our outstanding menu. We support local farmers, local farmers’ markets, community agricultural projects and other ways of growing fresh local produce. By dining with us, you are helping to support our local growers and economy, so a big ‘thank-you’ from us!

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