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The best food and wine pairings

Not sure which wine best complements your meal? Here’s our ultimate guide to the best food and wine pairings when dining and our recommendations from our house wine list.

Pinot Noir

Best with: Rich and earthy flavours – truffles, mushrooms, pizza, pasta dishes, white meat and fish.

Ideally served at just below room temperature (as room temperature itself is too warm), Pinot Noir is ideal with game, fish and chicken, and perfectly suits rich flavours in stews, soups and pasta dishes.

We recommend: Pinot Noir, Innocent Bystander, 2017

A rich and juicy Pinot Noir with fruity notes


Best with: Seafood and fish. Chardonnay is best served chilled and perfectly complements delicate seafood dishes that include prawns, other shellfish and crab, as well as a range of fish. It also goes well with risotto, pasta, vegetable soup and fish or chicken terrines.  

We recommend: Chardonnay, Barrel-Fermented, Jordan, 2017.

This fragrant Chardonnay is buttery with elegant nutty notes

Champagne or sparkling white

Best with: Fruity, cheesy and salty dishes. Many sparkling wines have a hint of sweetness that perfectly complements salty and rich foods like noodle dishes, fish, shellfish, calamari, antipasti such as salami and prosciutto, egg dishes and blue cheeses.

We recommend: Laurent-Perrier, ‘la Cuvée’ Brut Nv

From one of the remaining family-owned powerhouses in Champagne – a wine of real finesse

Cabernet Sauvignon

Best with: Red meat and game. Best served at 16 degrees Celsius, this red wine is perfect for refreshing the palate after eating rich meat such as lamb, beef or duck. It also goes very well with a home-made burger, steak, ribs or a cheeseboard. 

We recommend: Cabernet Sauvignon, Vineyard Selection, Kleine Zalze, 2016

Kleine Zalze have won countless awards for this punchy, rich and rounded wine

Sauvignon Blanc

Best with: Tart, zesty or tangy dishes. A great alternative to a Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc is ideal with zesty sauces or vinaigrettes, shellfish, fish and oysters, tangy cheese (goats cheese or feta), pesto and antipasti.

We recommend: Sauvignon Blanc, Dashwood, 2018

With a tropical nose of guava, lime and grapefruit, the palate is zesty and refreshing


Best with: Cheese and cheesy dishes, seafood and citrusy foods. Pair with seafood dishes including prawns, oysters, mussels and antipasti meats and cheeses. It also works well with fruits such as melon and berries, especially if it is a sweeter Rosé.

We recommend: Rosé D’anjou, Domaine Pierre Chainier, 2017

A classic medium-dry Rosé from an innovative Loire Valley producer, with fruity, zesty notes of strawberry and peach

Pinot Grigio

Best with: Fish, seafood and salty foods like antipasti and olives. Light pasta sauces including cream or cheese also works well with this wine. Risotto and fried fish also perfectly complement its fruity notes. 

We recommend: Pinot Grigio, Ponte Del Diavolo, 2018

A refreshing, uplifting Pinot Grigio with rounded notes of fruit


Best with: Smoky and spicy dishes. Malbec perfectly complements bold flavours, suiting dishes including barbecued chicken, rich Asian sauces like soy and tamarind, curries, ribs and steak. It is best served alongside red meat.

We recommend: Malbec, ‘CLASSICO,’ Altos Las Hormigas 2017

A fresh, energetic expression of Malbec with ripened lingering red and black fruit notes


Best with: Any meat, as well as creamy dishes such as mousses, terrines and cheese. This wine perfectly complements any beef, chicken, lamb, pork, game or fish dish. It also works very well with rich foods such as truffles, blue cheese, pate and pasta in a cream or egg-based sauce.

We recommend: Zinfandel, Segghesio, ‘OLD Vines’ 2014

Made with fruit of stunning purity from Zinfandel vineyards dating back as far as 1895  

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