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How to dine out with children

Make sure children are welcome

At The Inn at Huxley, we embrace little ones and the whole family is welcome to dine with us. Not all restaurants are so accommodating however, so when you are thinking of a place for the family to come together over a delicious meal, choose your venue carefully. We tailor our little persons’ menu to cater to children’s tastes, while offering them dishes that may give them an opportunity to try something new. If there is something on the regular menu that you’d like us to make a little more child-friendly, that’s fine too. We can make some adjustments so that you and your child can eat the same thing! Always let us know of any dietary requirements that your child may have.

Ease them slowly into the restaurant experience

If you haven’t yet taken the leap and dined out with your children yet, it’s time to ease them gently into the restaurant experience. At The Inn at Huxley, our restaurant is ideal for little ones’ who are venturing into a dining experience for the first time. We are passionate in producing outstanding food that the whole family can enjoy. You may want to enjoy two courses at first, to see how your children react. Some children love getting stuck in and placing a napkin in their laps and ordering their food, while others may take a little more time to adjust. We have designed our children’s menu for young tastebuds while keeping ingredients healthy and balanced, with favourites such as garlic bread soldiers, pasta, simple roast dinners and breaded fish goujons with chips and seasonal vegetables. If your little ones’ are patient enough to stay for three courses (and we hope that they are), desserts include raspberry and milk chocolate brownie, and cheese and biscuits.   

Dine early

If your child is too tired to eat, your dining experience won’t be fun for either you or them. Be sure to eat early with your children while they can still stay awake. If you have toddlers, let them have an afternoon nap before making your way to the restaurant. Also, if you dine before 6pm, the restaurant will be quieter and you will then be on track for bedtime routines when you return home.

Bring some form of entertainment

Arm yourself with a couple of small toys, colouring books and pencils or a tablet in case your children get bored and restless at the dining table. Avoid any noisy toys or devices that may annoy other diners. You can always offer a reward to your children when they get home if they behave well in the restaurant and immerse themselves in their toys if they become bored. 

Set some restaurant behaviour rules

Before you head off to the restaurant, let your children know exactly what you expect of them in terms of behaviour while you are there. Remind them that they must respect other diners. If your child is very young, try your best to demonstrate what you expect from them. Examples including sitting properly at the table, keeping noise to a minimum and using utensils provided to eat their food. Explain to them how long you will be at the restaurant for (an hour is a good starting place), and remind them that they shouldn’t be running around, but enjoying their meal instead.

Consider where you sit

If you are a newbie to dining with your children, it may be worth requesting a table in a quiet corner to test the waters. This will also make it easier (and quieter) for you if you have to resort to discipline.

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