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Dishes for cosy Autumn days

Autumn is here and the nights are drawing in. At the Inn at Huxley, we always believe in switching up our menu so that it makes the most of fresh produce in accordance with the changing seasons. Just as we bundle up in more layers and change our wardrobes as winter descends, so should we also change the foods that we eat. We like to eat foods that are the most ripe and flavoursome at certain times of the year. There’s no joy in eating ice cream or unripe tropical fruits on cold days! As the temperatures get more chilly, warm and comforting food that is ideal for getting cosy is perfect for the soul. As winter gets closer, it’s time to turn to foods that boost our immune system, give us more energy and help us to keep warm. Our autumn menu aims to make the most of seasonal produce, including (but not limited) to:

  • Root vegetables including carrots, beetroot, pumpkin, celeriac and butternut squash
  • Herbs such as dill, rosemary, basil and thyme
  • Grains, including brown rice, oats, millet and quinoa
  • Fruits including pomegranates, figs, citrus fruits, pears and apples
  • Fish such as cod, sea bass, hake, sole and haddock
  • Spices such as ginger, turmeric and cinnamon

We recommend (from our menu)

Starter: Autumnal Beetroot and Squash Salad

Colourful and tangy pickled beetroot meets wholesome squash, giving this salad a colourful, seasonal makeover. Ewes curd and candied hazelnuts ensure a balance of creaminess and crunch to what is a highly flavoursome dish.

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Main: Pan Fried Fillet of Hake   

Autumn is a perfect season to enjoy meaty fish such as hake. Our pan-fried fillet is perfectly complemented with smoky notes of pancetta, while puy lentils and gently wilted spinach keep things balanced and nourishing.

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Dessert: Chocolate Pot

The perfect way to end your meal on a sweet high – with sticky honeycomb and decadent rich chocolate soil (crumbs). Ideal for those with a sweet tooth! 

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After your meal…

There are plenty of ways to get outside locally and enjoy autumn at it’s best. After your meal at our inn, why not try some of the following:

  • Carving a pumpkin
  • Attending a pumpkin patch
  • Going for a walk along a nature trail (be sure to wear your wellies!)
  • Attending a harvest festival
  • Collecting conkers with your kids
  • Going to a fireworks display

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